3 Major Conveyor Belt Problems

3 Major Conveyor Belt Problems

Joner Mining specializes in conveyor belt recovery and conveyor belt winding. With our years in the trade, we have identified a number of major issues that contractors and businesses experience, resulting in the need for a conveyor belt recovery service. Take a look at the major conveyor belt problems below:

Belt Rollers

With regards to the majority of conveyor belt systems, belt rollers are installed en masse and play an important role in the operation of the conveyor belt. With so many rollers in place, much time is needed to maintain rollers and make sure that bearings are not worn. When a roller stops, there are times when conveyor belt operators do not notice, and the belt continues to be pulled over the stationary roller. This can create conveyor wear and will quickly reduce a belt to shreds. This will then require us to provide a conveyor belt recovery. Make sure that you continually maintain rollers, and maybe install newer nylon rollers to reduce the chances of them becoming stuck.

Belt Drift 

There are often many misalignment issues with regards to conveyor belt systems. Whether rollers, trackers, skirts, and ploughs are not properly fitted, this can create serious belt drift issues resulting in uneven belt wear and damage. This too results in clients contacting Joner Mining to provide conveyor belt recovery. Make sure, through regular maintenance checks, that rollers and trackers are properly aligned at all times, and belt drift shouldn’t be an issue.

Belt Slippage 

Belt slippage is much like belt drift, however, this time, the belt shifts along the direction it is moving rather than width ways. This leads to the belt being slack in certain areas, yet overextended and stretched in other areas. This can gravely damage a conveyor belt, and often means that belts require conveyor belt recovery and rewinding. Make sure that your head pulley is replaced when damaged or broken, and frequently check the pulley system if it shows signs of seizing.

If you are suffering serious conveyor belt problems, and you require the services of a conveyor belt recovery team, don’t hesitate to contact the industry professionals at Joner Mining today! Take a more detailed look at our conveyor belt recovery services here.

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