Benefits Of Using Air Cannon Services

Benefits Of Using Air Cannon Services

Air cannon services offer those involved in the medium and materials storage business a way of keeping their silos clear of clogging on a permanent basis. When cleaning plants silos it is important that water is not used as it may damage electrical utilities and more importantly, spoil stored materials. The best option is to use a high-powered air cannon that will not damage cables, tubing and control lines. Air will also not spoil stored products. Here are a couple of reasons you should also use air cannon services in your business.

  1. With an air cannon service and system in place, you will not have to clean out silos quite as often as necessary. Clogging of materials is a less likely occurrence if the medium is regularly unsettled by a strong force of air pressure.
  2. Modern air cannons have a very small carbon footprint. Less energy is required to ensure a strong air current. This means that air cannons can fire more often without affecting fuel consumption and the safety of the environment. Furthermore, the use of modern filters translates to cleaner air usage making it less likely to spoil stored materials.
  3. Cutting-edge air cannon systems require less maintenance than older units. Air cannon systems can be custom built to service the silo or storage unit independently, provided it is installed and commissioned by the right air cannon installation specialists. New trigger valve systems, firing systems, and modern tanks all assist in improving performance and power while operating for longer periods of time.
  4. There are a few tried and trusted air cannon installation and commissioning specialists who also excel at air cannon maintenance and repairs (such as Joner Mining), solving all of your air cannon worries.

For the finest air cannon services for any business anywhere in South Africa and abroad, contact Joner Mining today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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