Belt Cleaning Systems

Product Description

For an effective carry back removal without risk to the belt, splices or the cleaning system; the best solution is a system of several cleaners.
A pre-cleaner is installed on the face of the discharge pulley to remove the majority of the material adhering to the conveyor belt. One or more secondary cleaners remove the fines that remain past the pre-cleaner:

Primary scrappers
Secondary scrappers

Where condition on the upper surface of the return belts require debris to be removed before the nip position the following solutions is offered.

  • V-Plough
  • Bias Cleaners
  • V-Plough

The SCORPIO SC16™ Secondary Scraper removes up 98% of material clinging to the belt surfaces. They can be used singly or in tandem if necessary and, should be used in conjunction with a Primary scraper for optimum performance. Custom-designed rubber buffers improve belt contact pressure, irrespective of belt profile or irregularities. Choice of blades for optimal performance in abrasive or corrosive condition.

  • Multiple blade arrangement
  • allows blades to conform to belt profile, especially when worn.
  • Unique installation and removal guide
  • For easy removal and replacement of blade carrier tubes, especially on wide belts.
  • Very compact

The design requires minimum installation space.

Blade wear tips available for all applications:

1.    Type HAR Tungsten for all normal applications.
2.    Type ARB Tungsten for all acidic applications.
3.    Special impact resistant tungsten with protector plate for belts with metal fasteners.

Scorpio SC35 Bias or Angle Plough

The SCORPIO® SC35™ BIAS OR ANGLE PLOUGH is a variation of the ‘V’-plough concept, for use in situations where material can only be discharged at one side of the belt. The plough is mounted on the conveyor stringers and the blade is held at a constant angle to the belt surface. The scraper can be installed to discharge to either side of the belt.

  • Compact
  • allows the plough to be installed in minimum space
  • Easy to install
  • Reversible mounting brackets for ease of installation and elimination of errors
  • Protective

High quality powder coated finish on all metal parts ensures optimum corrosion protection.

Belt Pre-Cleaners

Installed on the face of the discharge pulley below the material trajectory, Pre-Cleaners remove carryback with firm but gentle pressure.
Pre-Cleaners remove the majority of carrryback, leaving only fines and slime for the follow-up secondary cleaning systems. This multiple-cleaner system provides effective cleaning without becoming overwhelmed by an onslaught of material.

Joner Mining offers pre-cleaners in a variety of color-coded high-performance urethanes to provide the best solution for challenging application requirements.

Belt Secondary Cleaners

Secondary Cleaners provide the final precision cleaning to remove the carryback that has passed the pre-cleaners.
Depending on material and conditions, some applications may require more than one secondary cleaner, or even the installation of tertiary cleaning systems to remove the remaining fines and water from the belt.

One or more secondary cleaners should be installed at the point where the conveyor belt is leaving the head pulley. If that point is inaccessible, the cleaner(s) should be moved further along the conveyor return, to a point where the belt is firmly supported against a roller to allow the application of firm cleaning pressure.