Dust Management systems

Dust Management Systems

Product Description

Control of airborne dust at belt conveyor transfer points is essential to improving conveyor efficiency.  A full range of dust control systems will provide the best fit for your specific operation.

  • Dust collectors
  • Dust bags
  • Dust suppression systems
  • Air cannons
Dual Dust Curtain

Creates A Buffer Zone To Slow Air Movement for Dust Control
Installed at the exit of the conveyor load zone, Dual Dust Curtain provides effective sealing to prevent the escape of airborne fines. Mounted in the skirtboard cover, the dust curtains help create a plenum for dust suppression and dust collection. Recommended installation is one dust curtain without slits closest to loading zone, followed by one dust curtain with slits at exit of skirtboard. Additional dust curtains may be installed to reduce air movement and isolate dust suppression or dust collection systems for additional dust control.

  • Allows Dust to Settle
  • Curtains form a plenum that slows air velocity, allowing airborne particles to return to belt.
  • Adjusts To Material Flow
  • Slit curtains conform to belt load without pushing material off conveyor.
  • Minimizes Air Flow
  • Curtains hang to 1 inch (25 mm) below normal material profile on belt.
  • Simple Replacement
  • Curtain bolts into steel frame for simple replacement.
  • Long Lasting

Rugged 1/4-inch (6 mm) rubber construction provides extended service in tough conditions.
Dust Management Systems solve the problem of airborne dust by keeping fine particles in the load or by returning them to the main material body.

Dust Management Technologies include systems and components for dust collection and dust suppression.

Inertial Flow Transfer Chute

Custom-engineered “hood-and-spoon” transfer chute system controls material flow to prevent blockages, reduce dust and improve conveyor loading zone performance. Material testing determines precise requirements for consistent flow.
Transfer Points are custom-engineered to eliminate blockages, reduce impact, centralize loading and guarantee the material flow rate.

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