Belt Tracking

Belt wander can originate due to many causes, from defects in the conveyor structure, to idler misalignment, to off-centre loading. Whatever the origin of the misalignment, belts that mistrack will suffer a number of problems, including material spillage and costly damage to belt edges and steel conveyor structure.

  • Sure Guides
  • Throughing idlers
  • Return idlers
  • SG Sure guide

Widely used in the mining industry and other conveyor related industries, the Sureguide responds instantly to the misalignment of the belt and does so without special modifications to the structure. The SG accommodates belts ranging from 450 – 2300mm. Frame and guide rollers are often the cause of belt damage, which reduces the lifetime of the belt. The SG requires no maintenance and fits into a standard drop basket. The SG belt centralising return pulley can be manufactured to suit all belt sizes in operation. Special design requirements, such as specific shaft dimensions and lengths, are possible at little or no additional change.

Design & Manufacture:

The SG is a quality product that is made of precision-turned CNC components. Special hardened steels and other alloys ensure that the SG performs optimally over an extended period of time, in the toughest conditions. The bearings in the SG continuously run in oil thus prolonging its lifespan. The SG is a fully serviceable product and carries a 2-year warranty! A reconditioned unit can be obtained at 45% of the new product. (Terms and Conditions apply)

  • Saves you money
  • Prevents belt damage
  • Prevents structural damage
  • Prevents downtime
TSG Troughing Sureguide
The advantages of using Troughing Sureguide (TSG) Frames:
  • They respond immediately to belt misalignment
  • Require little or maintenance
  • Prevents spillage (no loss of profit and no cleaning/maintenance cost)
  • Better belt steering prevents damage to other systems that work on the troughing side of a belt (e.g. samples and belt scales)
  • Reduction in belt damage (increased belt scales)
  • Very strong design, can handle belt edge damage and bulky loads
  • Fits onto standard SABS 1313-1:1999 structures
  • Use the TSG to ensure that your entire product (ore) will reach its destination.


Sureguide has designed, developed and patented its competitive TSG. It’s fully mechanical frame which responds to the smallest belt misalignment, gently guiding the belt back to the centre of the frame. Its function is simple yet its performance is unquestionable and immediate. It requires no more maintenance than bi-yearly greasing at the grease point provided and is robust enough to withstand the tough mining environment.


Is the same as installing a standard frame as the mounting holes are all according to SABS 1313-1:1999.


As the belt drifts off centre, it comes into contact and punches the sensor arm out. The arm is linked to the end of the swivel frame. The frame pivots around a central pin. Misalignment of the frame and idlers causes the belt to be steered back to the centre.

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