Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belt Support Systems:

For an effective transfer point it is essential that the conveyor belt line be stabilized. If the conveyor belt is allowed to sag or flex under the stress of the material load, dust and fines will escape. Belt support cradles stabilize the belt’s path to improve sealing and tracking.

  • Impact support
  • Sealing
Transfer Sealing Systems:

Preventing the escape of dust and fines is the job of the transfer point sealing systems. Installed along the rides of the conveyor belt, the skirtboard sealing systems must combine effective containment of fines with an extended service life and low maintenance requirements. A Tailgate sealing system completes the enclosure to contain dust.

  • Skirting systems
  • Tailgate sealing box
  • Wear liner
Conveyor Belts:

We offer a range of conveyor belt types to meet our customers’ requirements.

These solutions includes:
  • Air supported conveyors
  • PVC conveyor belts
  • Rubber conveyor belts
  • Wire reinforced conveyor belts
  • Heat resistance conveyor belts
  • Chain conveyor belts
  • Food Industry Conveyor belts

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