Why Bin Whip Silo Cleaning Is Best

Why Bin Whip Silo Cleaning Is Best

It is important to clean silos as part of silo maintenance. No matter the contents, whether building aggregates or raw produce, buildup will occur, making silo cleaning a necessity. However, there are many ways of carrying out the silo cleaning function. Some businesses offer silo cleaning services that require manual cleaning by members of staff. This option is incredibly dangerous, though. Other businesses use compressed air hoses to clean out silos, but we have found that the most effective measure is by using the kinetic energy of a silo cleaning device, like that of a bin whip.

What Is A Bin Whip?

The best way of describing a bin whip is by comparing the system to a flail; a series of blades, chains or steel bars spun at a high velocity. Compressed air flails are not as effective as hydraulic bin whips, as hydraulic powered whips are a lot more powerful. The bin whip spins at incredible speed, using kinetic energy to smash into stored aggregates, sending the material buildup to the bottom of the silo for normal collection.

Why Bin Whip Silo Cleaning Is Best 


There are a number of reasons why bin whip silo cleaning is the best form of silo cleaning:

  • It is the safest form of silo cleaning, requiring no manual cleaning by labourers within the dangerous silo chamber.
  • The hydraulic bin whip silo cleaning is more powerful than compressed air bin whip silo cleaning.
  • Hydraulic bin whip silo cleaning allows flails to counter-rotate, freeing flails when stuck, or reaching hard-to-get aggregates.
  • Different flail attachments can be used on different aggregates improving on the performance of bin whip cleaning.
  • Hydraulic bin whip silo cleaning is easy, quick and perfectly safe when done by an experienced team.

Make sure that you enjoy the benefits of bin whip silo cleaning when maintaining your silos. Thankfully, bin whips can be used in every industry that requires silo storage. If you require bin whip silo cleaning, contact Joner Mining today. Alternatively, check out our silo cleaning page here.

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